Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back in the saddle at Braxton Brewing!

It occurred to me this weekend that it has been far too long since I spit a bunch of words about beer at the unsuspecting Internet. So, with the prodding of a friend and fellow beer geek I decided it's high time for a new taproom review! 

Braxton Brewing in Covington, KY were kind enough to open their doors this week giving me a great excuse to put together a poorly thought out post about their fine establishment! Thus, without further ado and a brilliant break in my epic quest for perpetual procrastination. Here are my thoughts on Braxton brewing!

Located at 27 W. 7th Street in Covington, KY Braxton Brewing Company, the brain child of Evan Rouse formerly of HofbrÀuhaus opened its doors officially on March 27th. Last night, I finally made the trek across the river to check the place out and I must say they didn't disappoint!  Well, maybe a little but it's not their fault...

We arrived with 2 goals: enjoy some beers from a start up brewery and to cheer on the University of Kentucky Wildcats in their quest for perfection. Sadly, only one of those goals were achieved... Mostly... 

They were out of beer!! Not all the beer but, I was unable to try their "Storm" cream ale or "Crankshaft" IPA. Both of which I'm told are fantastic and according to the staff will both be back on tap early next week. 

The taproom is awesome! A huge open area featuring T.V.'s on practically every wall. The bar is positioned to the right side of the room and the actual brewing operation in the rear. Large couches in the center of the room and plenty of seating throughout. I did a quick lap around the room and there isn't a place you can't see a T.V. I suspect I will be watching many Bengals and Reds games at Braxton.

Just beyond the open area of the room is what I would call "The Braxton Garage" a seating area with picnic table seating and a huge projection screen!

Along the hallway walls towards the restrooms, Braxton has displayed the names of the "Braxton Builders". The builders are those who contributed to Braxton's kickstarter campaign to help fund the brewing operation. Also displayed are the kind words by Cincy beer bloggers who are far more skilled and respected than yours truly such as BeerMumbo and the Brew Professor. check those guys out, their work is better written and much more thought out than mine (as I write this I'm drinking a Gose and watching Buffy Summers fight a giant praying mantis... I'm awesome).

Just above the tap handles is Braxton's awesome "Hop Eagle" logo placed by Neltner Small Batch.

Who's  work can also be spotted in OTR at Halfcut, and other spots around Cincy.

Anyway, on to the beer!! I was able to try "Sparky" a hoppy wheat ale and "Blown Gasket" a robust porter. Sparky, was top notch. Very balanced and the wheat character was not overpowered by the hops which is somewhat common of the style. Don't get me wrong, I love me some hops but this beer really displays a great balance in recipe. I really enjoyed it, and at 5.5 ABV I found this beer to be VERY drinkable. Not necessarily a session beer but you could probably drink a few pretty quickly... 

Blown Gasket is a swell offering as well. This beer also really puts recipe on display. At 7.5 ABV, it doesn't leave you with a boozey burn or a heavey mouthfeel. A little bit of sweet with a nice roasted character and no coffee. Unusual for a big(ish) beer. These cats really know how to build a recipe!

After sampling these two, I'm very much looking forward to trying the other inaugural beers as well as what is on the horizon!

Braxton has a great space and is leading the charge in the revitalization of Covington. I really like what these guys are doing! I just wish they had been there when I lived only a block away! Oh well...