Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brew River Gastropub

Recently, the wife and I had a nice surprise... We found a babysitter! What do we do with our new found freedom? Check out Cincinnati's newest Gastropub of course!

I had been really excited about checking out BrewRiver Gastropub for quite a while but, with a new baby it has been difficult to find time to get out of the house. We considered bringing her a couple of times but, we figured it would be irresponsible of us to sample beers and food with a 7 month old in tow...

Anyway, when we arrived at BrewRiver I was a bit worried that there would be a long wait (after seeing a list of what they had on tap I wasn't worried quite as much). I was pleasantly surprised to find a VERY helpful staff. They took our names quickly and promised to get us seated as soon as possible. I squeezed into a seat at the bar and ordered my wife and I a beer. I was curious about the "house beer" as they have a few "BrewRiver house beers".  I asked where they brewed the beer because there isn't a brewhouse located in the restaurant (because that would make it a brewpub right @QueenCityDrinks ?). Anyway I was informed that the beers are brewed in Aurora, IN. which means that the house beer is actually Great Crescent Brewery which, is fantastic because their brews are top notch. I cant remember what my sister ordered but, I can assume it was a heffeweizen because thats her favorite.

I ordered the coconut porter and my wife had the same. My buddy tried the DIPA by The Brew Kettle in Strongsville, OH upon my recommendation. He's not a beer nerd like the rest of us you see, and hoppy beers tend to frighten him a bit. But, you really can't go wrong with that brew and he loved it.

By the time our beers were poured we had a table, I paid the tab and we were shown to our table. I was surprised when we were lead upstairs (the bar area downstairs is rather small and I assumed that was why we were waiting). There is a second dining area upstairs where the kitchen is located. There is also an outside seating area upstairs with a deck and below outside the front entrance but, it was raining and a bit chilly. We were seated at a table near the kitchen which was actually pretty neat, as you can hear all of the ruckus that comes from a good kitchen.

Our server greeted us quickly and was VERY knowledgeable, almost TOO knowledgeable. A professional server/foodie was a bit intimidating and overwhelming. He described the specials in detail and gave us a bit of a history on the chef who, by the way was trained under the tutelage of Emril Lagasse BAM! It took him a while to get through the specials and he was a bit pushy with his recommendations which is my only complaint (and I guess really isnt a complaint at all. The guy REALLY knew his food).

We ordered drinks and my wife and I decided we wanted to try a beer flight. The server asked us what we liked and we were both feeling like we were in a stout/porter mood and he informed us he had made a flight of his favorite "darks" that BrewRiver has on tap and we agreed. I wish I could tell you what each of the beers were but, I didn't have the foresight to take notes. Anyway, he did a fine job the flight went from lowest ABV to highest as far as I could tell and it was delightful.

When it was time to place our order's my wife and I both chose the BLT, my buddy and my sister both ordered the Mac and cheese. I realize that at a Gastropub the idea is to sample the best they have to offer as the food and the beer will be top notch but, I love me some BLT's. Anyway, the food was absolutely excellent! Next time I promise Ill try something fancier than a BLT.

If you live in the area, I can't recommend BrewRiver Gastropub enough. I promise if you're a beer lover or a foodie, BrewRiver will not disappoint. Ill definitely be back.


BrewRiver Gastropub
2062 Riverside Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202

UPDATE: The house beers at BrewRiver are now brewed locally by Listerman/Triple Digit!

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