Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beer Mail!

In a recent visit to the in laws in Eastern Kentucky, I discovered the complete lack of better beer options in the area. I got to thinking "How do craft beer drinkers wet their whistles around these parts?". The obvious answer is simple... There aren't any craft drinkers around here. Well, that just wont do. So I did some research on "Beer of the Month Clubs". Something that I have been considering for a while. Simply because one of my favorite things as a beer nerd is trying things I normally can't. The following four "clubs" were the four best options I came across... Granted, my research wasn't extensive by any means...

The first club I checked out was www.beermonthclub.com .This club has three membership options. The first option, the "U.S. Microbrewed Club"contains a monthly delivery of twelve 12 oz. bottles. Four different styles (three of each) and contains a newsletter featuring tasting notes, brewery info and suggested food parings (each membership option will include the newsletter). This option will set you back $23.85 + $15.00 shipping in handeling per month.

The second option, the "U.S. and International Variety Beer Club" is similar. Twelve 12 oz. beers, and 4 different styles (I'm assuming 2 U.S. beers and 2 international beers. It didn't specify). This club will cost @29.85 + the $15 shipping and handling.

The third option, the "International Beer Club" is all beers from around the globe. Again you'll get twelve beers a month but, no U.S. beers are featured. This option only features two breweries so, you'll be receiving two six packs. $33.95 with the $15 shipping and handling fee.

This club has the most membership options. I myself would probably go with option 2. Had you asked me a couple of months ago I would have gone with option one. Recently however I have been enjoying more belgian beers so, I would hope they would include a few of those in the samplers... But I digress.

The second club www.craftbeerclub.com has two membership options each of which comes with free shipping. So, what you're losing in options you're making up avoiding the shipping costs.

The first option features twelve 12 oz. beers, four styles for $37.95.  You can pay monthly or pay for a few months in advance. I didn't see specific information regarding origin of the beer.

The second option is twenty four 12 oz. with 4 styles of beer. This will set you back $71.73 a month with free shipping. I also discovered that it might be possible to find promo codes online. So, if this club  tickles your fancy, do a quick search. You might get lucky!

The next club I came across is www.microbeerclub.com . This club gives you two simple options four monthly bombers or a monthly twelve pack. Both options are $39.00 and free shipping. Either way, you're getting 4 different beers. Pretty simple.

Finally I investigated www.beerboxer.com if i'm not mistaken (and its possible that I am), beerboxer is part owned by the folks at www.letspour.com . Here you have the "Premier Box" that contains six bombers featuring 3 different styles for $69.95. Or the "Discovery Box" a twelve pack with 4 different styles for $49.95. Each option comes with free shipping.

So there you have it, four reasonable options. If you're interested in receiving beer mail, I recommend visiting each site before signing up. Most options are more expensive than driving to your local better beer store and picking up a six pack or two.. Or maybe not, it depends on how far you have to drive. If none of this sounds good, you could research trading options. I think www.brewprofessor.com has a post about that. Either way...



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