Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Got a little Surly over the weekend...

Don't worry, all is well.

Recently, my parents took a trip to Minneapolis, MN. For their high school reunion (I won't say how many years as my mom reads this and she would never forgive me if I divulged such sensitive information). And upon my request they stopped by Surly Brewing in Brooklyn Center. They had a lovely time in Minnesota blah blah blah. The important thing is a few days later I received some beer mail!

I received a four pack each of Surly "Furious" and "Over Rated". Both of which were outstanding! 

I'll start with Furious

Brewery: Surly Brewing Co.

Beer: Furious

Style: American IPA

ABV: 6.2

Furious pours a lovely copper color with about an inch of creamy colored head (head not pictured as my wife poured the glass in the photo). With a nice lace as I drank.

The aroma in this beer is stellar! I picked up big pine notes as well as some nice citrus and a little maltiness. Delightful. Absolutely how an IPA should smell, in my opinion of course..

Flavor was similar to aroma but a bit fruitier than I expected! Lots of dank oine but even more fruit. Citrus, apple, pear really good stuff!! All blended perfectly with a great maltines, this is a very balanced beer. Great stuff!!

Onto Over Rated, which is anything but!

Beer: Over Rated

Brewery: Surly Brewing Co.

Style: West coast IPA

ABV: 7.3

Over Rated poured a beautiful golden color into the glass with about an inch of nice head. The beer laced all the way down the glass as I went.

Aroma is a piny citrus, pineapple maybe some lemon with a little bit if biscuit/malt character. Just delightful! Taste is the same as the aroma piny and citrusy, not too bitter. Another nearly perfectly balanced beer. Many "West Coast" style ipa's are so packed with hops that the ibu's are almost over powering. Not the case with Over Rated, Surly really nailed this one!

Tasting these two really leaves me wanting more. Not just more if these but, I'd love to sample the rest of the Surly lineup! Alas, I live outside Surly's distribution area... Any Minnesota friends want to become beer pen pals?

If these two are any indication, Surly brews some fine beers. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up! 


Suds Anonymous

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